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What's Inside Counts

That goes for humans and tasty drinks like ours. That's why inside our happy bottles you’ll find only good stuff – like organic birch water and organic fruit juice.

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  • Birch Water Makes It Unique

    We’ve infused hand-tapped organic birch water into a blend of organic juices, bold fruit flavors and natural sweeteners to enhance the sweetness and flavor, while providing the nutrient benefits of the tree.

  • Of Course It's USDA Organic

    We use only organic fruit and birch water to make Treo. Because pure and tasty really belong together.

  • And Yes, It Really Is Low In Calories

    Only 10 calories per serving so you stay as skinny as a birch tree.

  • Sweetened By Nature

    Treo gets its lightly sweet taste from naturally occurring sugars found in birch sap, and other natural sweeteners. So, drink up, friends, it’s good for you.

  • Quenches Thirst & Replaces Vital Minerals

    Packed with electrolytes, amino acids, and minerals the body needs, Treo hydrates your body faster than water. Which makes it perfect for post-workout – or post-party.

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